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Instant Access to Premium Demand at Scale

Unlock access to a marketplace of hundreds of premium brands, fully vetted for brand safety. Unleash competition on your highly valuable inventory to realize its true value of across all your channels:

Icons: desktop, mobile, email and search channels.

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Yield Optimization

Maximize revenue with the most advanced ad stack in healthcare marketing, configuring and packaging up inventory in novel ways, with the help of our real-time revenue optimization algorithms and APIs.

Identify New Sales

Discover new buyers, receive intelligent recommendations on how to sell, and create novel inventory packages.

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Monetize your Data Securely

Create new passive revenue streams by creating novel data products on the LayerRx Data Exchange. Control which buyers have access, at what price, and for what purpose.

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Data Security

Designed from the ground up for security, have full control over your data and protect against Data Leakage. Data Leakage = Revenue Leakage.

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Identify Your HCPs

Capture more premium target list demand and command higher CPMs by knowing your audience.

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Competitive Separation

No more need for large spreadsheets and complex configurations! Dynamically silo demand with our competitive separation algorithms without any headaches.