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Instant Priority Access to Premium Publishers at Scale

Seamlessly plug into over 85% of premium digital endemic medical and healthcare inventory and access 10,000s of pre-vetted brand-safe non-endemic publishers.

Verified Cross-Device, Omni-Channel Reach

Instead of sponsoring every cardiology article in every medical website in the hope that cardiologists might just happen to visit and see your ad - cherrypick where to place an ad when your desired verified physician actually shows up.

Reach relevant patient audiences (HIPPA Compliant) intelligently with proprietary data and machine learning algorithms.

A Full Targeting Suite

Deploy Target List, Contextual, Conditions, Specialty, Behavioral targeting strategies (and more) across multiple channels at once:

ICONS: websites, mobile apps, email newsletters and search. 


Know exactly how much you are spending on media, with no arbitrage and clear pricing. See the true seller on the other end of the transaction without any murkiness of the open markets.

Brand Safety

Rest easy purchasing from suppliers who have gone through rigorous vetting and testing through our marketplace with active monitoring for anti-fraud detection, anomalous traffic, and brand safety guards.

Reports, forecasts and recommendations to guide your plans

LayerRx will provide you with daily campaign data that highlights your key campaign KPIs. Thus, you can track and measure the actual impact of your ad dollars on brand engagement, conversion and sales.

Our predictive analytics engine will sift through large data sets from multiple sources to forecast demand and expected campaign performance based on anticipated market conditions.