The Smart Marketplace for Healthcare Advertising


Data Exchange

Buy and sell your proprietary data signals in a secure marketplace to drive billions of digital transactions in pharma and healthcare without data leakage and revenue loss.


Advertising Exchange

Buy and sell digital media in real-time in the largest programmatic healthcare advertising exchange to reach verified healthcare professionals (HCP) and patients (DTC).


AI-driven Revenue Optimization

Predict and manage campaign performance, yield, and ROI based on real-time market trading dynamics driven by the engagement of verified physicians and patients across various medical conditions.



LayerRx™ The leading digital healthcare data and advertising exchange connecting brands to verified healthcare professionals (HCP) and patients (DTC) to drive engagement and value. 


Unparalleled HCP Reach and Scale:

Physicians and other HCPs are highly dispersed across a wide range of digital properties. As a result, LayerRx was designed as a central platform to provide brands unparalleled reach (75%+ across average target list) and scale of the entire universe of 1.4 million NPI-verified HCPs across 550+ endemic and 10,000+ non-endemic digital properties as well as multiple media channels including mobile/desktop browser, email, mobile app, video, and search.


Maximize your Advertising Dollars and Minimize waste:

LayerRx finally enables brands to reach verified healthcare professionals in real-time based on exact matching to their unique practitioner (HCP) IDs instead of alternative systems that rely on inaccurate, opaque, and highly inferential matching. This exact matching increases engagement, ROI, and saves millions in wasted advertising spend.


Utilize your Data without Revenue Leakage:

Nowhere is data leakage (the extraction and use of data for revenue generation without permission) more consequential than in healthcare in terms of revenue loss and consumer privacy. To prevent such risk, LayerRx was specifically designed from the ground up as an end-to-end closed data-secure platform where buyers and sellers can securely transmit their vast repositories of proprietary data to facilitate trading without incurring leakage.


Forecast and Optimize your Revenue without the Guesswork:

LayerRX has removed the guesswork for both buyers and sellers in trying to predict how much they will spend or revenue they will generate in a dynamic real-time marketplace with the use of machine-learning to effectively forecast expenditure and yield. In addition, LayerRx can also provide automated recommendations to both buyers and sellers to maximize performance as well as autonomously execute these transactions.




Unified Physician and Patient Targeting:

For the first time, brands can not only use LayerRx to reach HCPs based on secure verified HCP ID matching to their target lists, they can also reach high value consumers, in secure channels, who may be treated by their target list HCPs to drive greater engagement, conversion, and adherence.


Next-Generation Pre-diagnosis HCP Target Lists:   

In addition to the traditional HCP target lists that are based on historic prescription activity, brands can now leverage advanced data sources that enable targeting of HCPs based on advanced knowledge of what diagnoses they will be making to their patient populations. As such, brands can leverage both new "leading" as well as traditional "lagging" indicators for enhanced HCP engagement.


Receive verified post-campaign HCP-level log data:

A unique benefit of the LayerRx data-secure platform is the advanced data-permissioning framework which enables publishers to securely provide post-campaign encrypted HCP-level log data for additional verification, auditing, and analysis. 




Guaranteed Premium Sales Prices:

LayerRx ensures a robust market of premium healthcare brands that will pay competitive prices to reach their high-demand verified HCPs and associated patients. Publishers can optimize sales by selling to this growing market of buyers via the LayerRx "spot" (real-time auction) mode or "reserve" mode across any media channel.


Automated Revenue Optimization:

Given the increased demand by brands for reaching only verified HCPs, LayerRx automatically allows publishers to drive incremental sales by accurately identifying previously anonymous user traffic, across their digital properties, as valuable NPI-verified HCP visitors. This automatically generates premium ad inventory and sales in real-time.


Automated Activation of New Supply:

As an additional mechanism for incremental revenue, LayerRx can also generate more ad inventory by allowing publishers to extend use of their first-party verified HCP data, in a secure manner, across other sites as an automatic audience extension network. This serves as an auxiliary pool of ad supply in LayerRx which is automatically activated for sales across an expansive market of buyers.


Secure Monetization of Proprietary Data:

Given LayerRx's data-secure architecture, publishers can now safely provide richer data about their audiences and specific HCPs so that brands can evaluate such premium ad opportunities without the risk of their proprietary data being "leaked out" and monetized elsewhere without their permission.



Data Providers


Activate New Revenue Streams:

In addition to standard data licensing services via back-end file delivery for HCP target lists for campaigns, sales rep meetings, and reporting/analytics, data providers can now monetize their data for an entirely new service via our data-secure APIs for both media buyers and sellers in the LayerRx programmatic data and advertising marketplace.


Secure Monetization of Proprietary Data:

Given LayerRx's data-secure architecture which prevents data leakage, data providers can now safely supply their proprietary data assets without its non-permitted usage and resultant revenue loss. In addition, data providers will also have full transparency on the entities that are buying their data as well as purchase prices.

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Secure storage and transmission of data for other data services:

LayerRx also offers the flexibility for data providers to use the data-secure platform for multiple purposes including secure storage, reporting, analytics/data modeling, AI & ML (machine learning) capabilities, as well as broader automated marketing and advertising services.



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